Belgian Offshore Days 2019

Belgian Offshore Days (from 2019-03-20 to 2019-03-21) will be hosted by Belgian Offshore Cluster at the historical Wellington Racetrack in Ostend.

US Retrofit

Endiprev has been selected to perform an electrical retrofit in 125 WTG in Texas.

JPN, Hamada windfarm (Photo: Softbank)

Hamada windfarm Commissioning, Japan

Endiprev was selected to commission 29 wind power generators, the power output is approximately 48,430kW (48.4MW), an estimated 85,000,000kWh annual generation of electricity.

Expanded O&M operation

ENDIPREV is proud to announce that its wind farm maintenance portfolio has increased once again. The total power under maintenance in Portugal is now of 50MW, with 200 MW worldwide. […]