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Who we are

Endiprev was founded in Portugal in 2009 by a team of Electrotechnical Engineers with practical experience in the area of electrical power, namely in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of wind farms.

The ambition was to create a benchmark company in the wind industry which distinguished itself in the market, especially for the quality of service, by investing in training, safety, and innovation. The commercial endeavor with the major wind turbine manufacturers was facilitated by the experience and know-how demonstrated.

What we do

Test and Validation

Electrical machines development generally includes design, prototyping, testing, verification and validation before going into full scale manufacturing.


Commissioning of a project, whether large or small, essentially verifies that it's ready to be put into operation. This point in the project's timeline is reached only after a thorough period of precommissioning, during which a project is tested tested under real-world conditions and and certified.


Field technicians take daily care of the machines, assuring maintenance plans and production outputs.

Our History

Endiprev is founded in June 2009.
First project -
Diagnosis of Wind Turbine in the Wind Park of Safra - Portugal.

  • First export: ESP, USA.

  • First project in the USA (Adams & Danielson wind farm)


  • First multi-farm maintenance contract in Portugal (+5 wind farms, +100MW).

  • Start of Export to the United Kingdom with commissioning and maintenance services (+200MW).


  • Start of export to Brazil with commissioning services (+ 100MW), Finland, Romania and Morocco.

  • First project and start of the branch in Ethiopia, with a commissioning and maintenance contract (120MW) for a period of 5 years.

  • First project with prototype offshore technology, in the area of validation and verification services, with the objective of certification of the wind turbine and associated equipment.


  • First project in Mexico (Sureste, Ejido Agua Caliente, Asunción Ixtaltepec; Oaxaca, Mexico, +100MW)

  • First project in South Korea

  • Multi-project commissioning contract in Brazil (+200MW)

  • Start of export to the Netherlands with test and validation services on wind turbine prototypes.

First exports to Poland, Japan, Lithuania
First offshore wind energy project in the United States market (Block Island Wind Farm).

  • First offshore wind energy project in the German market (Merkur).

  • First offshore wind energy project in the Chinese market.


  • Celebration of 2-year Maintenance Contract in Spain - 216 WTG (388 MW)

  • Celebration of 2-year Maintenance Contract in France - 103 WTG (293 MW)

  • Celebration of 2-year Maintenance Contract in the United Kingdom - 130 WTG (315 MW)

Our values




The way we like to work


Satisfied Customers

We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and every stakeholder. Our goal is to be an internationally recognized leader by complying with our customers', legal, normative, and other applicable requirements.

Zero Accidents

We eliminate dangers and reduce risks by preventing professional accidents and diseases. We promote safe and healthy work conditions for our employees.

Competent Personnel

We make sure that every employee receives the necessary training, as well as their engagement through their participation and examination.

Protect the Environment

We make an effort to prevent pollution and resource consumption just as we adopt good environmental practices.

Continuous Improvement

Promote the continuous improvement of the management system.


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