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Health & Safety
Procedures (LOTO)

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Eliminate risks and prevent electrical and mechanical accidents

Maximize your project compliance

For all the great things the energy production process has brought to society, especially renewable energy, it has also brought hazards to those who have to work daily with it. With wind turbines more powerful, it is increasingly important to identify risks and prevent them. Health and safety procedures are crucial to help others know how to carefully handle the machines to avoid any electrical or mechanical accidents.

Having teams working daily on wind turbines, Endiprev understands the importance of Health and Safety Procedures. In this service, our team provides detailed instructions to isolate and lock each energy source, safely preventing the startup of the equipment.

Health and Safety Procedures throughout
the energy production process

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Analysis of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic plans.
  • – Operations planning analysis and hazard identification.
  • – Development of safety procedures.
  • – Preparation of energy separation procedures.
  • – Development of Lock Out Tag Out instructions.
  • – Development of potentially hazardous energy control processes.
  • – Analysis and development of stored energy control procedures.
  • – Analysis of the correct individual and collective protection equipment required for each Lock Out Tag Out procedure.
  • – Analysis of tools for each Lock Out Tag Out procedure.
  • – Analysis of training for each Lock Out Tag Out procedure.


Why is it important to have a Health and Safety
Procedure (LOTO) made by specialists?

As we work every day with the energy production process, we understand by experience the associated risks and what may cause them.

More than that, we know exactly what cautions to have when shutting down the electrical and mechanical equipment and running it back in.

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We can help you make your project safer by thoroughly analyzing the risks and planning how you can minimize them.