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Minimize the risk of unexpected problem

Ensuring a successful project for our customers

Wind projects are very complicated and require thorough planning. Unfortunately, even when it is well planned, there is always a risk of unexpected situations that can affect your schedule and result in significant costs.

From start to finish, with our Supervision service, we can minimize the risk of your wind project go off-plan, ensuring that it is delivered on time and within budget. We have a selected team of technicians with a lot of experience in Installation & Commissioning projects, both in offshore and onshore wind, to help you in yours.

A steady Supervision

Find out what we offer in this service

  • – Toolbox talks
  • – Team management
  • – Tools and materials organization
  • – Risk management meetings and follow-up with customers
  • – OHS and Quality’s compliance
  • – Support teams and engineering
  • – Punch list coordination
  • – Preventive maintenance campaign planning
  • – Documentation verification

Why is it important to have a good Supervision
during the execution of the project?

Our team has in mind your goals and your ROI throughout the installation and commissioning of the wind project, guaranteeing that it is delivered on time and budget.

With Endiprev, we are always planning one step forward. Therefore, our Supervision team also lays out a plan with the next Preventive Maintenance campaigns to guarantee that your project continues to reach the stipulated targets.

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We can be a valuable partner to ensure the success of your wind project, managing teams, minimizing risks.