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Health & Safety
Risk Assessment

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The road for a safe and successful project

Health and safety are very significant subjects in wind energy since this is an industry with high risks and lifelong consequences for those involved. On their own, onshore and offshore wind farms have different and challenging hazards, and, additionally, people are constantly dealing with high and medium voltages of energy and heavy loads.

Incidents in our industry can be extremely damaging for the reputation, competence, and quality of a company, having long-term impacts on a business. That is why Endiprev has a team dedicated to ensuring safety throughout our customers’ projects. In our Health and Safety Risk Assessment service, we identify the risks and mitigate them, guarantying compliance with industry and local standards.

Health and Safety Risk
Assessment for wind projects

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Identification and plan of the measures/actions
    • – To mitigate the risks identified.
    • – To prevent/protect from other unidentified risks.
  • – Professional risks evaluation report
    • – Workplace characterization.
    • – Identification of the dangers and affected people.
    • – Evaluation and prioritization of the consequences of each risk identified.

What makes a good Health
and Safety Risk Assessment?

Our team identifies beforehand the risks that might happen throughout the project, implementing every necessary measure to prevent them.

More than identifying the risks, we prioritize them to guarantee maximum safety for all people involved.

By reducing the risks, projects can be on-scheduled and cost-effective.

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Being this such a crucial subject in our industry, we have an expert team to make sure that your project has this added value.