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Errors don’t know time, and they can happen in every part of the day without previous warning. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on wind turbines all the time. If not immediately addressed, they can result in downtimes or even cause others more severe. As almost everything is connected to sensors, it is sometimes easy to spot any of those errors remotely or even solve some of them without intervention on-site.

With this knowledge, Endiprev has a team of experts performing the Remote Control service, whether on onshore or offshore wind turbines and substations. This service provides 24/7 surveillance for every technical and safety issue as well as data monitoring of energy production.

Remote Control of data for
continuous improvement

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – 24/7 surveillance supporting the offshore and onshore activities, monitoring the wind farm, and performing troubleshooting and commissioning from remote
  • – Daily reports of the wind turbine functioning
  • – Production Base Analysis, comparing the generating of energy and its costs

Why is Remote Control crucial to solving problems?

There is always at least one person keeping an eye on the errors and warnings that the wind turbines are showing.

In specific situations, we can solve problems remotely without the need to have technicians on-site.

Our team shares with the customer daily reports with the operation state of the wind farm and which tasks are being performed, among other information, along with a two-days forecast of production.

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Our Remote Control service allows us to process the wind turbines and substation data, generating meaningful and reliable problem-solving and analyses.