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Preventive Maintenance

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Customer Benefit

Decrease equipment downtime and costs

The way to extend the lifetime of the wind turbine

Equipment failures will always happen. However, preventive maintenance campaigns can help to minimize them and reduce breakdowns as well as unexpected expenses. These scheduled interventions are essential for the asset’s good function in the long term and are very useful to have more control in the outcome.

The Preventive Maintenance service relies on monitoring the condition of the asset, by tracking its performance and detecting possible defects that could result in malfunctioning, failure, or accidents. Endiprev’s specialized teams do a thorough job in keeping the condition of the asset and alerting our customers of future issues.

Preventive Maintenance for
electrical components

The Preventive Maintenance service allows our customers to keep their assets running smoothly for a longer period. Find out what we offer in this service:

Break-in Maintenance

— First complete maintenance after the Commissioning (includes every area of the wind turbine)

Torqueing and Tensioning

— Foundation bolts
— Tower segment bolt connections
— Yaw bearing
— Nacelle structure
— Rotor bearing
— Blades

Battery Inspection and Replacement

— Pitch and UPS batteries

Checks and Alignments

— Check metal components for lost paint protection and corrosion
— Generator alignment
— Wind vane alignment
— Nitrogen pressure accumulators’ inspection, calibration, and recharge
— Fire detection system inspection, calibration, and recharge
— Pressure relief valves inspection and replacement
— Blade pitch angle alignment

Cleaning and Visual Inspections

— Inspect all components to check their status (dirt, wear, corrosion, cracks, loose parts, etc.)

Tasks in every operation

— Clean everything, such as grease, oil, cooling fluid, dust, rags, old components
— Treat waste in accordance with each customer’s procedures and the type of waste
— Reporting with media resources of the work performed

Which are the benefits of a good
Preventive Maintenance campaign?

It’s the most cost-effective solution for possible failures.

Being a more effective intervention, preventive maintenance reduces the downtime of the asset.

It can be performed at a more convenient time, which is optimized to take the more advantage possible of its downtime.

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