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Mechanical and Electrical

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A successful transition between Manufacturing and the Installation & Commissioning phase

Validating wind turbine performance

The manufacturing process ends when the wind turbine parts leave the factory and are transported either to a construction port or straight to the site. After the transport, it is crucial to guarantee that the whole system and its components continue to work without failures and nothing was damaged in transit.

As part of an integrated project solution, we added to our portfolio the Mechanical and Electrical Completion service. Only this way, our teams can assure our customers that the project starts its Installation and Commissioning phase with the highest accuracy and quality standards.

Mechanical and Electrical Completion:
the ultimate test before installation

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Verification of the entire land system.
  • – Follow-up tests.
  • – Preparation and routing of all low and high voltage wiring.
  • – Oil level checks.
  • – Assembly of all mechanical structures after installation.
  • – Connection checks through electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic diagrams.

Why shouldn’t you undermine the Mechanical and
Electrical Completion activities?

It’s one of those steps that solve issues in time before causing delays on the project schedule as well as reducing the risk of high costs repairs down the line.

When performed by an experienced team, it can also identify several improvements to be made in the next phases.

Success stories

Find out how we delivered an over-the-top Mechanical and Electrical Completion service to our customers.

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Our team can assure that your project is ready to be installed, with every component working and prepared to be connected to the grid.