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On-Factory Assembly

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A post-production process with the highest quality standards

The assembly of new energy generation solutions

The industry of renewable energies is a highly demanding one. Because of the increase of the most advanced generators, R&D departments integrate new designs and materials into the wind turbines. Therefore, the manufacturing processes have also evolved, with advanced automated assembly techniques to allow wind energy to expand quickly and address the world’s energetic needs.

For this reason, on the On-Factory Assembly process, it is crucial to attest that every electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic connection is working and ready to generate energy when installed, whether onshore or offshore. In Endiprev, we have specialized teams to monitor the post-production process and guarantee quality control.

A rigorous On-Factory Assembly
for a smooth Installation

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Monitoring the production of the various components of the wind turbine.
  • – Quality control during production.
  • – Post-production electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic checks.
  • – Pre-commissioning at the factory to ensure the correct functioning of all modules.
  • – Energy production tests.
  • – Programming of various components and modules.
  • – Verification of IP addresses and correct operation of the wind turbine communications.
  • – Conducting a combined test.
  • – Periodic post-production checks and follow-ups.
  • – Carrying out the preservation of the turbines until they are sent to the respective wind farms.

Why is it so crucial to have an experienced team
on the On-Factory Assembly?

We have been built a solid punch list to make sure that we don’t miss any detail.

We don’t do anything halfway: besides testing and monitoring, our team assures that the wind turbines and all their components reach the wind farms intact and working.

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The On-Factory Assembly can be an intense and demanding process, and we can help you all the way through.