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Corrective Maintenance

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Project Lifecycle

Operations & Maintenance

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Customer Benefit

Improvement of operation security and wind turbine lifespan extension

Tailored solutions to
unexpected situations

Despite all the planning, there are always some failures that cannot be predicted. These failures are usually identified during the scheduled inspections, or they can be unexpected issues. They can have different causes, such as operational factors and when the wind turbines’ inefficient function becomes costly. When this happens, it is crucial to act quickly to avoid to the fullest even greater costs and loss of revenue.

The Corrective Maintenance service includes all the necessary maintenance after an equipment malfunction or inefficiency. With gathered experience and know-how in several maintenance campaigns, our team is prepared to act efficiently to impact as little as possible energy generation. We understand that these issues need tailored solutions, and we have the right team to support our customers with this unscheduled maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance for non-planned projects

With the Corrective Maintenance service, we can address urgent needs to repair and exchange major components, inspections and increase the lifespan of the wind turbine.
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— Problem identification and definition of the plan for its correction
— Correction of identified errors and failures


— Electrical and mechanical retrofits
— Extension of the wind turbine lifespan

Major Corrective Operations

— Blade replacement
— Generator replacement
— Gearbox replacement
— Replacement of the main shaft
— Replacement of transformer and switchgear
— Replacement of rings and bearings of the generator and gearbox

What to look for in a Corrective Maintenance campaign?

Readiness: Our team can quickly identify and solve electrical problems to reduce downtime as much as possible, without compromising safety and quality.

Experience: As this service may involve the removal of big components in demanding environment characteristics, you’ll need the support of an experienced team.

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In our Corrective Maintenance service, the team is picked carefully for each task, with efficient technicians, and with the right competencies to optimize the work.