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Technical Audit
and Inspection

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Meet the capacity and safety standards announced

A technology with high standards of safety and quality

As new and better technology continues to be developed, it is crucial to ensure the quality of the new product to guarantee that it can generate the announced capacity and comply with safety standards and regulations. Any failure can result in downtime and heavy losses, which our team can help to avoid.

Endiprev has auditors with many years of proven experience performing our Technical Audit and Inspection service. With a thorough evaluation, we ensure our customers that their technology and product can generate the energy needed.

Technical Audit and Inspection
on wind turbines

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Regular monitoring of the work and the entire documentation process.
  • – Verification of work processes and their execution according to customers’ procedures, guaranteeing the quality of the services provided.
  • – Tools, equipment, and vehicles verification.
  • – Creation of audit reports.
  • – Creation of checklists.
  • – Monitoring the process and handling non-conformities.

Why turn to a Technical
Audit and Inspection?

Our team makes sure that our customers’ technology and products meet their procedures and safety and quality standards.

In our reports, we present a set of relevant conclusions and recommendations for the product's success.

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Let us help you ensure the success of the wind turbine. We have an experienced team that can make sure that your project runs smoothly.