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Round two for the Preventive Maintenance at Saint Nazaire


Endiprev has once again been awarded to execute the Preventive Campaign at the Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Preventive Maintenance Campaign at Saint Nazaire Wind Farm

In January 2024, our skilled team started the Preventive Maintenance of the Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm for another consecutive year. This campaign is expected to run until August of this year. And we are doubling our workforce presence onsite.


2024’s Preventive Maintenance Campaign

This year, we are mobilizing three teams of 6 technicians working on the preventive maintenance of the wind farm. These tasks center around Mechanical and Electrical Completion and High Voltage, such as torquing and greasing. We will also have two teams of 4 technicians working on Rope Access tasks. In total, there will be 26 Endiprev technicians per rotation, ensuring the smooth operation of this campaign. Additionally, an on-site supervisor will be present to monitor and support the work, collaborating closely with the Project Manager and the teams on the wind turbines.


The Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm comprises 80 GE’s Haliade 150-6MW wind turbines and has been producing energy since the summer of 2022. Endiprev has been assisting and backing GE over the last few years, working side by side on many global projects. Having participated in developing the Haliade 150 wind turbine prototype has also solidified this partnership. This has enabled our professionals to get the right knowledge, and hands-on experience to work with these models. In addition to our continuous rigor in every project we take on, this has positioned us as the ideal team for this venture.


We have confidence that our team is ready to address any unpredictable challenges that may arise in the future. Let’s strive, alongside our partner, for another successful execution of the Preventive Maintenance Campaign at the Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm.