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An experienced team in different types of commissioning projects

A project taking shape

After the electrical installation phase completion, the wind turbines must be tested before starting the wind energy generation. It ensures the machine achieves its performance goals and that it complies with the original design specifications and requirements set by the customer.

Carrying out the process in close cooperation with the teams on the field and with the customer, the Commissioning service’s purpose is to take the equipment from an un-energized state to its fully operational and productive readiness. For that, Endiprev has specialized teams with experience in both onshore and offshore wind projects.

Commissioning support in expert hands

Find out what we offer in this service:

  • – Wind turbine power up
  • – Verification of the correct functioning of all electrical and mechanical components
  • – Check and update all software
  • – Converter check and power-up
  • – Wind turbine connection to the grid
  • – Putting the wind turbine in rotation for the first time and first energy production (Commissioning)
  • – Energy production tests
  • – Trial run
  • – Customized reports of all activities

How to ensure an on-track
Commissioning project?

As we have been gathering know-how and experience by working on Development and Manufacturing projects, we are better prepared for the issues that might come up.

It is particularly important to perform careful testing to ensure good availability.

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