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Endiprev performance on Merkur Offshore Wind Farm


Merkur Offshore Wind Farm is one of the biggest offshore wind farms in Germany. Endiprev worked in the project since its beginning due to its extensive knowledge of the offshore wind turbines.

Endiprev at Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

Located 28 miles north of the Borkum Islands, the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm is a project constructed and operated by GE Renewable Energy, in a joint venture with Partners Group, InfraRed Capital Partners, DEME Concessions and Coriolis. This wind farm, with 66 GE Haliade H150-6MW, has a total capacity of 396MW. It can produce 1,750GWh of electricity per year, which is enough energy to power up to 500,000 local households.

Endiprev contributed to the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm on all phases of the project. The company selected a team of Electrical Engineers and Field Technicians to support the engineering documentation, factory assembly, validation and verification works, onshore punch lists, commissioning, and O&M (Operations & Maintenance). During the commissioning process, more than 60 engineers and technicians were part of Endiprev’s team onsite. The team lived on the Service Operations Vessel on a 14 days’ work and 14 days’ rest rotation scheme.

Endiprev at the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

Our teams had been gradually preparing for the Merkur Wind Farm Commissioning by going through intensive training and thorough preparation on the GE Haliade H150 components and commissioning procedures. At the end of the project, the team received amazing feedback. The customer also recognized the good performance of our team. Endiprev is, at this point, the only field services provider worldwide with an offshore track record in three continents.