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The future of renewable energy at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022


With the energetic crisis underway, everyone is watching renewable energy to establish Europe’s energy security and accelerate its independence. Renewable energy, especially wind, will save the day and help to accomplish European targets.

Renewable energy's future at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

The international scenario at this moment is very concerning. The world, in particular Europe, is looking for energetic autonomy and stopping the climatic crisis. Therefore, all eyes are set on renewable energy. That was the ambiance of WindEnergy Hamburg 2022.


The renewable energy and wind industry are going through challenging times. Every company related to the industry is facing challenges in one way or another. In fact, the supply chain and the workforce are two of the biggest bottlenecks right now.


Nevertheless, at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022, despite these challenges, the atmosphere was enthusiastic and overwhelming. The moment we stepped inside the building we could feel this. WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 is, in fact, one of the biggest events in the wind energy industry, which the companies exhibiting and the number of attendees showed.


With a hall dedicated to hydrogen, it was also one of the themes of this year’s event. There are more companies and public interest in that solution. That leads to another crucial issue in the renewable energy industry. They are coming up with solutions to use the wind energy surplus in electrolysis. There are already some pilot offshore wind projects in the Netherlands to use that energy in the production of hydrogen from seawater.


The importance of offshore wind for renewable energy targets

The ambition for renewable energy projects was also notorious at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. Companies and Governments announced the plan for new and enthusiastic offshore wind projects in several countries. These projects will come up with 10GW of new renewable energy.


Offshore wind power in Europe is set to have a record year in 2022 since 2019. At the beginning of this year, the European Union expected 27,9 GW of new offshore wind over the next 5 years, with an annual installation rate of 3 to 5.6 GW. However, the first half of the year didn’t bring very promising statistics for the industry.


That is because big offshore wind projects were mainly connected to the grid in the second half, which is the case with the Saint-Nazaire and Kaskasi Wind Farms. Endiprev worked on these two projects, giving support to GE Renewable Energy and Siemens Gamesa, respectively. We performed Mechanical and Electrical Completion works in the first one and commissioned both wind farms.



Clean and renewable energy targets will be possible through the success of new offshore wind projects, which we will see more of in the upcoming years. Despite having a long track record of projects in this sector on three continents. Endiprev is training technicians from France and the US.


We are bringing them to work together with senior technicians to get the experience they lack due to the small number of offshore projects in these countries. That is our strategy to solve a small part of the workforce challenges pointed out in WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. We believe that renewable energy, especially wind, is a strong industry and that we will overcome the challenges ahead.