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Commissioning: New offshore project in Germany


Endiprev will perform the offshore commissioning of Merkur Wind Farm, in Germany, with GE Renewable Energy.

Endiprev performed a very complete scope, like documentation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance, remote control, and others, on the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

Endiprev team will perform the commissioning of 66 GE Haliade 150 offshore wind turbines, in the Merkur Wind Farm. Our team is going to support GE Renewable Energy in different areas, such as documentation, pre-commissioning, and commissioning.

The Merkur Wind Farm is going to be one of the biggest offshore wind farms along the German coast. The wind farm, owned by APG and The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd, will be located 28 miles (35 km) north of the Borkum Islands. The project site covers an area of 47km2. It will have 66 GE Haliade 150, with a nominal power of 6MW each. The hub height of a single turbine is more than 100m above water level, and the innovative gearless 6MW machine is equipped with one of the largest rotors in the wind industry. The rotor covers an area equivalent to three football fields, having a diameter of 150m.

The commissioning contract is a result of the knowledge and expertise of the Endiprev team in the GE Haliade 150. Our team performed the technical support and commissioning service for the offshore wind turbine prototype in France.

That is yet another milestone for the company as we are increasing our track-record in the offshore sector. The Merkur Wind Farm is our first offshore project in Europe, but we are preparing our teams for the upcoming offshore challenges.