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Onshore Commissioning: A stronger alliance with GE USA


Endiprev USA strengthened the alliance with GE Renewable Energy in the US, by training an American team with the OEM to be their partner in the onshore commissioning.

GE's onshore commissioning training

In the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic, Endiprev USA didn’t stop the activity. Instead, we took that time to accomplish a long-term goal of the company, by strengthened the alliance with GE Renewable Energy. In April, we finally had the change to select a team of field technicians to undergo GE’s onshore commissioning training.

Endiprev USA was working to accomplish that goal for quite some time now. We started our activity in the US with the commissioning of Adams-Danielson Wind Farm, for Alstom. Since then, our work in the country has increased exponentially, first with Alstom and then with GE, which resulted in the opening of the company in the US, in 2016. This three-week onshore commissioning training is the affirmation of Endiprev USA partnership with the OEM.

Additionally, our team also did a two-week OJT (On Job Training). Until last week, we had a team working on the onshore commissioning of the King Plains Wind Farm in Oklahoma.  The onshore wind farm is composed of 88 2.82-MW GE’s wind turbines, with a total capacity of almost 250MW. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Oklahoma is the third American state with the most installed wind capacity. It has already an 8,172 MW installed capacity and 1,415 MW under construction.

Endiprev USA plans to train more field technicians for GE’s onshore commissioning and O&M. We want to continue working in a close alliance with GE in the US, as we already do in Europe. Being the OEM one of the most important wind turbines manufacturers, we want to be a useful support to help the company meet its goals.