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Wind Farms Commissioning in Spain


Endiprev has successfully finished the wind farms commissioning in Spain for Alstom.

Wind Farms commissioning in Spain: Fuente Salada, Cruz Carrutero and Los Collados

In January 2011, Endiprev supported the Alstom team in the commissioning of the 61 ECO80 wind turbine generators, totalizing 102MW. Located in Spain, the Fuente Salada, Cruz Carrutero, and Los Collados Wind Farms commissioning were finished on schedule and with a very high satisfaction level from every part involved.

Iberdrola invested 129.2 million euros in these new wind installations: 60.1 in Fuente Salada, 52.2 in Cruz de Carrutero, and 16.9 million in Los Collados. Being the biggest one, the Fuente Salada Wind Farm has 29 wind turbines of 1.6MW, with a capacity of 48.43MW. The second one has 25 wind turbines with the same power, reaching 41.75MW of power capacity. While Los Collados adds a capacity of 11.69MW, due to its seven installed wind turbines.

Consequently, these wind installations will be able to produce enough energy to power the annual consumption of about 46,000 homes.

With Endiprev’s experience and knowledge, the commissioning was finished on time and according to the strict health and safety plans. In fact, this project led to the utmost satisfaction of Alstom and of the owner of the wind farm (Iberdrola).