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Endiprev Portugal was awarded the Great Place to Work Certification


Endiprev Portugal just received the Great Place to Work certification. We are very proud of the company we built and the professionals that make part of it every day.

Endiprev Portugal is a Great Place to Work

In 2021, Endiprev Portugal received the Great Place to Work Certification. From 2009 until now, Endiprev has been growing its business and customers’ portfolio, but also its team. We started with four people and, 12 years later, we are more than 210 employees. People are our most important asset. Our technicians represent Endiprev every day next to our customers. They are an important piece in determining our business success or failure. Therefore, it is great to have the best by our side.


Alongside that thought, being a Great Place to Work is about improving the worker experience through its journey in the company, from recruitment to offboarding. However, as we work in a high-risk industry, this naturally means, as well, a safe place to work (zero accidents).


For quite some years now, we have included innovation not only in our strategic goals but also as a core activity of our day-to-day tasks and mindset. Therefore, the Great Place to Work certification appears as an evaluation of the work we have done so far. It is great to see the level of trust our employees have in us and in their leaders, the pride in their jobs, and the fellowship between each other.


The Great Place to Work certification is based on five dimensions:

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Pride
  • Camaraderie


In these dimensions, we ranked best in camaraderie, pride, and credibility. As part of our company values (commitment, rigor, and humility), we also learn a lot with our employees, giving them space to develop new and better ways of doing things at work. So, when questioned why they stay at Endiprev, they replied: alignment with our values, the possibility to have a good work-family balance, and the opportunity to grow and develop in their career.


Although the Great Place to Work certification is very positive, we know that there is still room for growth.  Our goal is to ensure that we have the best work conditions for everyone and to continue to offer a career in a company that our teams can identify with. For that reason, we keep improving their support system, especially those working in the field.