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Endiprev inaugurates a new operations center in Portugal


Shortly after celebrating its 12th anniversary, Endiprev inaugurates its new facilities in Mortágua, Portugal. That will be the center of operations of the company to prepare the next steps for the future.

Endiprev inaugurates a new operations center in Mortágua.
In June 2021, Endiprev inaugurated the company’s new facilities in Mortagua, Portugal. This new operations center has 1750m2 (18.800sf) of implantation area. Altogether, it has 13 offices, three meeting/conference rooms, a customized training room, and a warehouse of 430m2 (4628sf). Its concept design was to support the company’s growth and address the needs of the teams. “This is an important part of Endiprev’s home that we are envisioning for our future in the next years. What we present here today is the beginning of a new development phase of Endiprev”, said the company’s CEO, André Ribeiro, at the inauguration gathering.

An operations center to prepare the future

The new complex of Endiprev Portugal will gather several areas of the company’s activities in a flexible and adaptable space. The Administration idealized a space to accommodate:
  • The Engineering Department to improve the performance of our services, building a shared space for our support operations and our Remote Control team.
  • An area dedicated to training. There are rooms with equipment to give technical training to the new employees in areas, such as electricity and electronics, mechanics, and hydraulics.
  • The Infrastructure Management, centralizing in a large-scale warehouse all of our tools and equipment.
  • All of our employees, not only from the different offices in Portugal but also from Endiprev France and Endiprev USA. The idea was to build a comfortable workspace equipped with the most updated technologies and building automation. There will be green spaces surrounding the building, creating a harmonious relationship between the corporate and nature and providing an outdoor zone for all employees to enjoy.

From an innovative idea to Endiprev’s new facilities

12 years ago, the founders of Endiprev created the company with a strong sense of commitment and resiliency. Their ambition was to bring to the market an innovative business idea anchored to the preventive maintenance of electrical machines. The company has been distinguishing itself by investing in training, safety, and innovation, especially for the quality of service. In fact, the inauguration of these new facilities was the result of a path of success the company has been building, through the trust of our customers in our work and through the 250 amazing employees that are now part of Endiprev. “Our people are the foundation of this organization”, stated Endiprev’s COO, André Pereira. In fact, the new operations center reflects the company’s values and work philosophy, which are replicated and followed in the eight offices around the world.
“Despite having accomplished one more goal, we can say that everything is still yet to be done”, concluded André Ribeiro. Endiprev understands that there is a lot still to do to continue its growth and address global challenges. In this list, there are climate changes, the COVID-19 pandemic that is still restraining the teams’ mobility, especially in Europe, and the decarbonization goal’s of several countries.