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Endiprev celebrates the 10th anniversary


2019 is a special year because Endiprev celebrates its 10th anniversary. We gather everyone to celebrate the journey the company made in these 10 years and its accomplishments.

Endiprev celebrates its 10th anniversary

In June 2009, four Electrotechnical Engineers founded Endiprev. We were able to materialize the dream of creating an innovative, agile, and permanent adaptation organization. In a decade, we became a global reference in onshore and offshore wind services. Endiprev was able to distinguish itself in the market due to our clearly defined values since the beginning of our work: Humility, Rigor, and Commitment.

During the 2009-2019 period, which seemed to pass by so fast, Endiprev celebrated several achievements. Our teams were able to work on more than 300 projects in different activities such as commissioning, consulting, maintenance, or test and validation. The world became small to our ambitions. Therefore, we established new offices in eight countries and worked in more than 30. At this point, Endiprev is globally the only field services provider with an offshore track record in three continents: Europe, America, and Asia.

For the next decade, the ambition to grow and improve our business remains. We will focus on satisfying stakeholders such as customers, employees, and shareholders. We will work to continue the geographical expansion, diversification of services, and areas of operation. At Endiprev, we will be very demanding with the zero-accident policy and the efficiency of operations.

Endiprev is grateful to all who have been involved in this journey, and to those who will be part of the next decade’s history.

Endiprev activity to celebrate its 10th anniversary