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Wind energy as the solution for global decarbonization


From the expectations to the challenges, the role of wind energy in the net-zero commitments was the theme discussed in WindEurope Electric City 2021.

Wind energy at WindEurope Electric City 2021

It has been a week since the WindEurope Electric City 2021 event took place in Copenhagen. Despite the threats made by COVID-19, this was the first big event since the outbreak of the pandemic. It was great to speak with our stand visitors and listen to industry-leading figures regarding the future of wind energy.


The three-day event gathered the whole industry to discuss the role of wind energy in the global decarbonization goals and raise awareness of the obstacles it has been facing. The European Commission stated before that renewable energy is the key for Europe to become the first net-zero emissions continent. Until 2050, it is expected to represent 81% of the electricity. Among the renewable energy mix, the wind will be crucial to accomplishing these commitments. That means, in four years, it must be supplying 25% of the EU’s electricity needs and 50% by 2050. As the industry is prepared and committed to getting down to business, the project development process still has a long way to go to allow the industry to grow as expected.

Several key players in the wind energy industry report some obstacles that have been blocking megaprojects from becoming a reality. One of the obstacles is the constant permitting delays. Across Europe, the project development is still a lengthy process because of the time permits take to be given by Governments, while several projects that could accelerate the accomplishment of 2030 climate and energy goals stay delayed. Although there isn’t a solution in sight, the fact is that wind energy has the stakes very high.


Endiprev Group has today more than 300 engineers and technicians working across Europe and the US. Throughout these 12 years of experience, we have been proving that we are a resilient and committed team. We have been paying close attention not only to the market trends but also to our customers’ needs. The WindEurope Electric City 2021 showed, once again, that the upcoming years will be exciting for the sector’s growth. We are confident that we have the best professionals to also get down to business alongside our customers.