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Endiprev opens a new branch office in the Netherlands


The year ends with another accomplishment for Endiprev: we are opening a new branch office in the Netherlands.

Endiprev opens a new branch office in the Netherlands

In these eight years, Endiprev activity has been exponentially increasing all over the world. With this, the logistics of people’s mobility is becoming a more complex process. Therefore, to improve our support to local customers, the Management Team decided to open a new branch office in the Netherlands region.

The country is becoming one of the largest wind powerhouses in Europe. There are many projects entering the pipeline, especially in the offshore wind sector, where Endiprev has been acquiring a significant track record lately.

The contribution of the Netherlands to the wind power industry

Throughout these years, the Endiprev team has been paying close attention to wind energy growth in the Netherlands. Since 2015, the country registered an increase in the deployment and planning of large onshore and offshore wind farms. It was a record year for new wind installations there, with 586MW installed, 30% of which were offshore. By 2030, they aim to nearly triplicate the 3GW wind power capacity produced in 2015. 

At this moment, the country has an installed capacity of 4.3GW, with nearly 26% generated by offshore wind farms. 9% of the electricity demand in the Netherlands is provided by wind energy. Although this number is increasing, it is still below the European Union average (11.6%). 

The Gemini Wind Farm was fully commissioned this year, becoming the second-largest offshore wind farm worldwide. The wind farm has 150 Siemens SW4.0-130 turbines, with a total capacity of 600MW. That is enough energy to power 800.000 households. In fact, the Dutch offshore wind farm will play a crucial role in achieving the goals established in the Paris Agreement for 2050.

Having the Netherlands such a promising future in the wind energy sector, especially in the offshore wind, Endiprev decided to open an office there. With this strategy, we are even more prepared for the challenges ahead and to deliver a stronger commitment to our local customers.