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Endiprev at AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference


Endiprev is going to exhibit in AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019, on Booth 308, in Boston Park Plaza. This is a key step to showcase our capability in the offshore industry worldwide and how that experience can benefit the United States offshore market.

Endiprev at AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference in Boston

The AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference is almost here to address the future of offshore wind. It is still a young industry in the country. However, it has the potential to grow very quickly in the years ahead. Endiprev was one of the teams working on the first American offshore wind farm, the 30MW Block Island Wind Farm. More than 20 technicians from Endiprev worked together with GE Renewable Energy to put the wind farm running. Our team carried on the pre-commissioning, the on-site commissioning, and the four-month testing period work.

With the 2019 Conference, Endiprev is aiming to get involved with the industry professionals and stakeholders. The company recognizes that the upcoming offshore wind farm projects in the country are going to be an ambitious challenge. This is an opportunity for Endiprev to show how its expertise from China to the U.S. can make a difference, in the offshore and onshore wind farms projects.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with our team at the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 exhibition (Booth 308). There are several international projects we want to share with you.