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Corrective Maintenance: Endiprev and SGRE offshore cooperation


For three years, Endiprev has been working with Siemens Gamesa in several onshore wind projects, and, in 2021, we supported the wind turbine manufacturer in an offshore wind project.

Endiprev supported Siemens Gamesa in an offshore corrective maintenance project
Last month, Endiprev cooperated with Siemens Gamesa on an offshore project. In fact, our team supported the wind turbine manufacturer in a major corrective campaign on Global Tech I Wind Farm. The scope of this corrective maintenance project was to give technical support to the preparation works of the nacelle exchange. That was a very complex project due to the offshore environment characteristics and the removal of big components prior to the nacelle exchange. Our team had the responsibility of supporting Siemens Gamesa in this demanding task. We had to make sure that every electrical and mechanical component was correctly connected and working. The Global Tech I Wind Farm, commissioned in 2014, is located in the North Sea in Germany, 180km away from the Bremerhaven Emden. The 400MW offshore wind farm has 80 Areva M5000 (now owned by SGRE) wind turbines, with 5MW each. These wind turbines have a total height of 148m and a rotor diameter of 116m. They are on top of 900t tripod foundations and installed at a water depth of around 40m. With an annual electrical output capacity of 1400 GWh, the Global Tech I Wind Farm generates enough energy to power 445,000 households. With a three-year partnership and counting, Endiprev has been supporting Siemens Gamesa mainly on onshore projects until now. Indeed, we hope to continue this valuable partnership by helping the wind turbine manufacturer reach its offshore objectives. Completing 30 years in the offshore wind sector, Siemens Gamesa has an impressive offshore track record, having presented last year SG 14-222 DD, one of the new generations of offshore wind turbines.