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Cleanpower 2022: The challenges of US wind power


In the Cleanpower 2022, three main topics represent challenges for US wind power. Being workforce one of them, Endiprev has laid out actions that will help increase the team to face this issue.

The US wind power has some challenges to face, according to Cleanpower 2022 insights

Last week, Endiprev USA exhibited at Cleanpower 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout the event, we heard the US wind power key players, as well as customers, addressing the industry prospectus landscape and its challenges.

Onshore wind power is expected to remain relatively stable, at the current high level in the next couple of years. In fact, the forecast indicates that there will be a new phase of growth. This will be possible due to new policies, increased electrification, and corporate ambitions. Wind Turbine Manufacturers are expanding their capabilities within the hybrid solutions, such as battery, wind power, and storage since it has been a fast-developing market.

In parallel, offshore wind power will see an increase in development in the coming year. The projections are that the new offshore projects development will have three phases. However, there is still the need to invest heavily in the organization, supply chain, and technology. That is important for the market growth, but more so if the US government’s goal is to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.


Workforce: one of the main challenges of wind power

During Cleanpower 2022, there were three main topics that stood out. They represent a challenge to the wind power industry, them being storage, transmission, and workforce. Although there are ongoing efforts to address the workforce gaps in the industry, this is still imposing challenges to wind power growth. There is an increased demand for field personnel with experience across multiple platforms. However, the supply is short regarding those skills.

Wind power leaders and employers need to develop opportunities to improve diversity, equity, and workers’ needs. They also need to train workers to facilitate the transition to a clean energy workforce.

For the past year, Endiprev has been building a capable team of technicians to address the market and customers’ needs. We are expanding office space to accommodate the needs of the teams and to interest newcomers. The recruitment of new technicians will also let us grow our service portfolio. This way, we can offer more value to our customers across a broader service scope, in high voltage, and offshore, among others.


Endiprev has been expanding the portfolio across the US to address the high level of onshore wind projects, and it is considering adding a base of operation on the East Coast to facilitate the support of the new offshore wind projects in development. Our almost 13 years of experience and around 100 American technicians continue to make Endiprev a trusted partner.