First project in South Korea


ENDIPREV was awarded a contract to commission a 30MW wind farm in South Korea.

[:en]KOR, Jeju island, South Korea[:pt]Jeju island, South Korea[:fr]Jeju island, South Korea[:]

Korea has a population exceeding 50 million. With its limited domestic energy sources and a huge demand, Korea relies on foreign sources for 96% of its energy supply. In order to diversify its energy sources and increase the production of domestic energy, Korea has recently increased its focus on renewable energy. Between 2011 and 2015, 10 trillion KRW (South Korean Won) is expected to be invested in wind power as a source of renewable energy. In October 2013 a draft plan was made to the National Energy Plan to increase the Wind target from 7.3GW to 12GWby 2030 3.