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Long-term maintenance: new contract with SGRE


Endiprev is very excited to announce that we are going to be the main company responsible for the maintenance campaigns at Siemens Gamesa’s wind farms in Portugal.

Long-term maintenance contract with Siemens Gamesa in Portugal

Last week, Endiprev and Siemens Gamesa closed a long-term maintenance contract for Portugal. Our team will be responsible for the maintenance activities in all the wind farms of the wind turbine manufacturer across the country. In sum, this contract will have a two-year duration, starting already this year and ending in late 2022.

Overall, Endiprev will be working in almost 20 wind farms, from the north to the south of Portugal. That means that we will ensure the good performance of 201 wind turbines, adding to our track record 400MW. Altogether, the wind turbines in this maintenance project are able to produce enough energy to power more than 11,000 households.

We will have a team of 20 technicians, 100% allocated to this project for two years. Our team will be essentially performing preventive and corrective activities. Their main tasks will be:

  • Preventive maintenance: Torqueing, tensioning, oil samplings, break in services, battery change-outs, and inspections.
  • Corrective maintenance: Troubleshooting, breakdown, and damage repairs.
  • Large corrective support: Large corrective and components change-outs, gearbox, and generators.
  • Remote availability: Assure vigilant and urgent interventions.

SGRE in Portugal

The wind energy in Portugal is essentially onshore. The only exception is one offshore floating wind farm, commissioned in the North of the country earlier this year. The wind energy in the country represents 26% of the generation capacity installed. Siemens Gamesa is among the top three wind manufacturers in the Portuguese market. In 2018, the OEM was responsible for almost 20% of the wind turbines connected to the grid, in construction, and already contracted.

This long-term maintenance contract is the result of the work our teams have been doing with Siemens Gamesa in Europe. During these last two years, Endiprev has been working with the wind turbine manufacturer in different locations, such as FranceSpain, the Netherlands, and the US. Indeed, after months of negotiation, we proved to be a company ready to meet their expectations and to establish a long-lasting partnership with Siemens Gamesa.