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Installation test for Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm completed


Endiprev just finished the installation test for the first French offshore wind farm. Our team is very excited to be involved in such an important project for offshore wind in the country from its early stages.

Installation test for Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm

Endiprev France concluded the installation test in the Antwerp Port, giving one more step forward in the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm construction. This project will become the first commercial offshore wind farm in France, comprising 80 GE Haliade 150.

During the installation test, the team had one purpose: investigate if the T1 and the transition piece fit perfectly. Over three weeks, the team did every test necessary and thoroughly identified and corrected any deviations encountered. They were able to test everything from the structural steel to bolt tightening and cable connections.

This step in the installation phase process is crucial, especially in offshore projects. Giving the complex logistics and surroundings of offshore wind, the installation test helps to spot unexpected situations. As a result, it can prevent an increase in the project costs and delays in its schedule.

From the installation test to the operational offshore wind farm

Set to come online in 2022, the Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm is the first large-scale offshore project under construction in France. The GE Haliade 150 wind turbines, composing the 480 MW wind farm, will produce enough energy to power 400,000 houses.

In fact, this is the first of four major offshore projects already in the pipeline. It demonstrates how fast the French offshore wind is moving towards its ambitious goals for the future. France is assembling the necessary resources to reach 7.4GW in operation by 2030. Thereby, it will become the fourth European country in the offshore wind market, including its plans for the floating wind.

Now that the installation test is successfully finished, it is time to install the foundations and their connection submarine cables. The next step of the Saint-Nazaire offshore project will be the manufacture and delivery of the 80 Haliade 150 wind turbines, in GE’s factory in France.

Endiprev performing the installation test in Antwerp Port

Endiprev’s team has been working with this wind turbine since its prototype. The Saint-Nazaire Wind Farm is the fifth offshore project that our team is working on with these wind turbines. We performed their commissioning or maintenance, having given support in the factory assembly as well. Therefore, we have the knowledge and the expertise to come up with the best solution not only in the installation test phase but also throughout the whole lifecycle of the project.

France is one of Endiprev’s focus markets, and it is very exciting to be part of its offshore wind market growth, especially in the first large-scale offshore project in the country. We believe our team can bring an added value to this project and a complete solution to ensure that every electrical work runs smoothly.