Endiprev and SGRE Cooperate in Europe and USA


Endiprev was recently awarded four contracts to service and commissioning Gamesa and Siemens turbines.
These contracts are the conclusion of long-term negotiations between Europe and American delegations of both companies reinforcing a global partnership.
"We are very pleased with the confidence shown by SGRE teams in both regions and extremely confident in Endiprev's affirmation as a reference supplier of this global leader. Endiprev, with its worldwide presence, is a strategic partner for wind turbine manufacturers operating across continents, even more cause we gather both onshore and offshore operations. In fact, the US Offshore market has also been widely discussed among us in order to prepare the promising future in the country." said Tiago Ornelas - Business Development Manager at Endiprev.

Works in Europe:
Endiprev will service Pisco and Fafe wind farms in Portugal composed by 17 * Gamesa G114/2000 and 39 * Gamesa G87 / 2000.
There are ongoing conversations to service in other European countries.

Works in USA:
Endiprev will commission in the Green River wind farm, composed by 74 * SG 2.6MW-114 with a total capacity of 194MW.
The company also celebrated a service contract to perform in Grady Wind Farm, 84 * Siemens SWT 2.3-108 and a Stator Power cables retrofit in Indian Mesa and Woodward totalizing 367 WTG.