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Commissioning: Endiprev starts working on Whitelee


Endiprev just started the commissioning of the Whitelee Wind Farm. This wind farm is considered one of the largest onshore wind farms in Europe.

Endiprev started the commissioning of the Whitelee Onshore Wind Farm

Leading to the commissioning of the wind farm, in September 2010, Alstom secured an order worth over 200 million euros from Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) to build a 217 MW extension to the Whitelee Wind Farm. The onshore project in Scotland already has 140 Siemens Gamesa turbines.

Under the terms of the agreement, Alstom will install 69 ECO 100 wind turbines (3 MW) and six ECO 74 wind turbines (1.67 MW). The contract includes supply, transportation, installation, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

This extension is one of the largest onshore wind power projects in Europe, and it represents the first large-scale one for Alstom’s powerful ECO 100 wind turbine. With this commissioning, the Whitelee Wind Farm will generate up to 539MW of electricity, enough to power approximately 300,000 homes. In fact, Whitelee has over half a million people living in around 18,5 miles (30km) radius. That makes the wind farm one of the large-scale wind projects developed close to a center of population.

That is also a major milestone for Endiprev because it shows the confidence of the OEM in our work. We have already worked with Alstom on other onshore wind farms, mainly in Europe and the US.

The commissioning of the Whitelee Wind Farm will represent a big challenge, in terms of logistics and planning. However, this project shows Endiprev’s continued commitment to improve and to high-quality and excellence in wind power service.