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Retrofit Campaign: Indian Mesa Wind Farm


Endiprev has been selected to perform an electrical retrofit campaign in Indian Mesa Wind Farm in Texas (USA).

Retrofit campaign in Indian Mesa Wind Farm

Endiprev team performed the retrofit campaign on the 125 V47/660 wind turbines at the Indian Mesa Wind Farm. The wind farm began commercial operations in 2001. Before this intervention, it produced up to 82.5MW of electricity. The wind farm is capable of generating enough electricity to power more than 20,500 homes. Lower Colorado River Authority and the TXU Energy purchased the energy generated by the wind farm.

Six electrical engineers and technicians from Endiprev participated in this project. The retrofit campaign was based on controller hardware and control strategy, increasing the performance, availability, and efficiency of the wind turbines. Endiprev received great feedback from our customer regarding our performance on this project. In fact, the customer selected four of our technicians to carry out daily onsite support for troubleshooting activities on Indian Mesa Wind Farm.

Texas continues to be the leading state in wind energy production, with 23GW of installed wind power capacity. During 2017, wind power accounted for at least 15.7% of the electricity generated, according to ERCOT (Energy Reliability Council of Texas).

Endiprev US subsidiary is based in Texas, essentially because of its potential in the wind energy industry. We are the natural partner to the “Wind Power” state. The retrofit campaign in Indian Mesa Wind Farm is one of the various projects we have been working on in the country. Endiprev US has undertaken projects with different scopes on onshore and offshore wind projects.