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Tullahennel Wind Farm: a hybrid power project


Endiprev supported GE Renewable Energy in the commissioning of the Tullahennel Wind Farm. This a great opportunity for the evolution of wind power due to its wind-battery hybrid power system.

Endiprev supported GE in the commissioning of the Tullahennel Wind Farm, a hybrid power project in Ireland

Located near the River Shannon, in Ireland, the Tullahennel Wind Farm is very relevant not only for the GE Renewable Energy portfolio but also for Endiprev’s. This hybrid power project is the world’s first commercial wind project with integrated power storage. It has 13 wind turbines, generating a total capacity of 37 MW, each connected to a 200kw lithium-ion battery in the base of the tower. Endiprev will support GE Renewable Energy in the commissioning of the wind turbines commissioning and of the battery system.

The Tullahennel hybrid power solution represents an evolution of renewable energy by guaranteeing a more stable wind power supply. With the battery system, the energy goes into the grid as needed. Even when the wind turbine is not working, it can continue to contribute power to the grid. Since the wind is so unpredictable, like other renewables, this solution solves the need to fire up other sources of energy when the wind energy viability is low.

Consequently, the hybrid power system can play an important part in helping Ireland achieving the government’s goal. By 2020, the country aims to generate 40% of its electricity from renewable sources. Although Ireland is well-positioned in Europe in clean energy use, 9% of the energy still comes from non-environmentally friendly sources.

Endiprev is very proud to be supporting GE Renewable Energy in such a first-of-a-kind project. The Tullahennel project is an important step forward in the improvement of global wind energy. In fact, the ability to store and distribute energy in the hybrid power system can be a model for other wind projects.