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US offshore wind: Block Island maintenance campaign


Endiprev team returns to the Block Island Offshore Wind Farm to perform a maintenance campaign, with 100% American workforce.

Endiprev team returns to the Block Island Wind Farm to perform a maintenance campaign, with 100% American workforce, specialized in offshore wind.

Last week, the Endiprev USA team started working on the Block Island Offshore Wind Farm. This project scope is to perform a mechanical and electrical retrofit and support the summer’s preventive maintenance campaign.

We have been working on the US offshore wind market since its beginning. Endiprev USA assisted the GE Renewable Energy team in all phases of the Block Island Wind Farm commissioning. After the commissioning, our team continued to work there, performing a major repair operation, and preventive and corrective maintenance until September 2017.

Specialized American workforce

This time around, the project on Block Island is even more important for Endiprev USA. We are accomplishing a long-term strategy and taking a 100% American team to work on the US offshore. This is a great milestone for the company, and also an important step towards the development of a specialized offshore workforce.

To be able to address the exponential offshore wind growth, the United States will need 14,300 trained personnel, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. Endiprev USA is already preparing the team by training them with our most experienced technicians, who worked in other wind farms, across Europe, and Asia.

Block Island Wind Farm is not going to be the only US offshore wind farm for long. We are going to witness, over the next few months, a revolution in the nation’s wind industry. In only three years, there will be a significant number of offshore projects being developed across the East Coast, generating up to 2,000 GW, according to AWEA.

Endiprev USA is ready to continue to be part of the development of US offshore wind, with 100% American teams.