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Endiprev will perform Hamada Wind Farm Commissioning


Endiprev was selected to perform Hamada Wind Farm Commissioning in Japan.

Hamada Wind Farm Commissioning

The Hamada Wind Farm commissioning will start this year, and Endiprev will support Alstom on-site. The wind farm will be located in the Kanagi-cho and Yasaka-cho districts of Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture.

Endiprev will perform the commissioning of a total of 29 Ecotecnia-74 wind turbines. Each turbine has a capacity of 1.67MW, providing a total capacity of approximately 48MW. After the wind farm commissioning, it will have an estimated annual output of 85,000,000kWh.

In Japan, wind power still has a long way to go, once it generates a small proportion of its electricity. At the end of 2017, the country reached a total installed wind power capacity of 3,400MW. This means that Japan’s new wind installations added 169MW to the installed capacity. Last year, wind energy generated about 5.8TWh of electricity, corresponding to 0.64% of the country’s electricity demand. However, Japan has an estimated potential of reaching 144GW of onshore wind.

Endiprev has been a long-term partner, supporting Alstom in the commissioning and maintenance activities. We will support the OEM in this project due to our experience and knowledge in their wind turbines generators. We have been working with Alstom in several countries, such as Spain and the USA.