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Endiprev appoints new country manager for the UK


Endiprev reaches another milestone. We opened our 4th subsidiary in the European market, this time in the UK. Endiprev Group is now present in 8 countries, counting other offices as well.

Endiprev opens a new subsidiary in the UK and appoints new country manager

Endiprev has been working on the UK wind energy market since 2012. From the commissioning and maintenance activities on the Whitelee Wind Farm to the Test & Validation of the Haliade-X Prototype 2 in Newcastle, the country has been one of the most important for the company. With this strategic decision, Endiprev wants to become a competitive player in the UK. Therefore, the goal is to provide more robust operational support to the teams there and demonstrate an even greater commitment to our customers.


With this opening, Endiprev also appointed a new country manager, who will be responsible for the operations management in the UK. For this important task, we invited Mark Forrest to join Endiprev Group.

Mark Forrest, Endiprev UK’s Country Manager

“I am delighted to have joined Endiprev. The company has invested significantly in the United Kingdom, and I cannot wait to start.” Mark has already more than 6 years of experience in the wind energy industry in the UK. He has worked in various positions, from field technician and site manager to Office Manager.

The wind energy industry in the UK has grown a lot in recent years. In slightly more than 10 years, the electricity generation from wind power increased by 715% in the country. Additionally, it has two of the largest wind farms in the world. Them being Whitelee and Dogger Bank Wind Farms, onshore and offshore respectively. “The offshore wind sector within the UK is growing year upon year. Over the next few years, installations will reach peak levels, and we will strive to be at the forefront of the service provider market”, states Mark Forrest.



By 2050, the UK government has set a target of being net-zero. Wind energy will play a crucial role in achieving this, as it’s one of the largest sources of renewable electricity. For the next years, the industry will continue to grow. This is essential if the country wants 50GW of the UK’s electricity to be generated by wind until 2030.


“Endiprev is a leading service provider operating around the world. Opening a full subsidiary in the UK allows the company to offer its services to the market and showcase the quality and expertise we offer to the renewable sector”, concludes Mark.

In fact, with the opening of a new subsidiary in the country and Mark’s appointment as Country Manager, we are confident that we will achieve success in this new venture due to our experience from the past 13 years of doing business around the globe.