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Endiprev subsidiary in China starts operation


Endiprev is expanding the business to the Asian market. We opened a new subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

Endiprev new subsidiary in China starts operation

This year, Endiprev started operations in China, with the maintenance project of Fujian Xinghua Gulf Wind Farm. As our activity increases in the region, the Endiprev Management Team made the strategic decision of opening a new subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

As the Asian market has specific local regulations, Endiprev decided this was a necessary step to guarantee a quality service and commitment with our customers there. This new operation base will support the new projects in Asia, namely local regulations and the workforce. 

The Chinese Market in the wind power industry

At this moment, China is the world leader in wind power generation. Despite the installed capacity having decreased in 2017, the new wind installations have been growing fast in the country. In the last year, more 19GW came into the grid in China, totalizing 188GW of installed capacity.

China’s forecast for both onshore and offshore wind energy for the next years is very ambitious. By 2020, the Chinese Government is expecting to reach 250GW of wind capacity, where 30GW will come from offshore wind farms. The Gansu Wind Farm Project, one of the six national wind power megaprojects, is expected to grow to 20,000MW by 2020. The construction of this onshore wind farm began in 2008. When completed, it can become the world’s largest collective wind farm.

However, China’s growth forecast for wind energy does not stop in 2020. The Chinese Government is aiming to reach 400GW by 2030 and 1,000GW by 2050.

When we started our activity in the Asian market, and due to the complex logistics of people’s mobility, we knew that this was the next step. With the Chinese subsidiary, we guarantee Endiprev can deliver the best work quality and commitment possible to our local costumers. China is the third subsidiary open by Endiprev, alongside win Portugal and the USA.