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Endiprev performs decommissioning works in Portugal


Endiprev has been awarded a decommissioning contract of Nordex wind turbines in the North of Portugal.

Decommissioning activities in Portugal

Early this month, Endiprev had its debut in a decommissioning project in Bulgueira Wind Farm, Portugal. ANTRO GROUP, a specialized company in the trade of wind turbines, awarded our company this contract.


This project consisted of the electrical decommissioning and dismantling of the wind turbines’ structure. The customer will later reinstall them on another international site. As a result, these activities will have two phases: the first one took place this month, and the second one will happen in March, with a total of 943 planned worked hours.


The Bulgueira Wind Farm has three Nordex N50 wind turbines, and it’s located in the North of Portugal. With its commissioning in 2003, the wind farm had a capacity of 2.4MW. Its estimated annual production was around 5GWh, the equivalent of the average energy consumption of 3900 people. When the estimated lifetime of a wind turbine is near the end, wind farms’ owners choose to extend their lifetime or to replace them with new, more advanced wind turbines in the market. In the place of the three decommissioned wind turbines will be one with the same capacity as the three combined.


Endiprev was the main point of contact of the customer on-site. Our technicians were not only responsible for the decommissioning activity but also for the documents and logistics support. Since the beginning of this project, we were constantly reporting its development to the customer to adapt our services to its needs.