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Babadag Wind Farms commissioning audit


Endiprev executed a commissioning audit in Babadag Wind Farms, in Romania.

Babadag Wind Farms commissioning audit

In 2011, Endiprev participated in the commissioning audit of the Babadag Wind Farms, in Romania, with its quality assurance services. The wind farms have 20 AG Suzlon S88/2100 wind turbines, each one with a capacity of 2.1MW. Altogether, the two wind farms are capable of producing 42MW. The Suzlon S88/2100 machines have a hub height of 79 meters (259 ft), and its rotor diameter has 88 meters (289 ft).

In fact, the commissioning audit performed by our team followed the works on two wind farms: Babadag I and II. In the first location, the wind farm has 16 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 33.6MW. It is connected to a 20kV/110kV – 40MVA substation, the connection to the grid made with an underground cable of 4,2km. The Babadag II only has four wind turbines, producing a total of 8.4MW. This one uses a 20kV (7,2km) underground cable that crosses the local village to connect to the grid.

In conclusion, this commissioning audit had the purpose of ensuring the project took its way to success, achieving the goals, and on time.