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AWEA Offshore 2019 Conference: 5 insights of the offshore sector


The AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference was an enriching opportunity to understand the current situation of the offshore sector in the United States and what the future holds.

Endiprev's team at the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference

The United States had its debut on the offshore sector with the Block Island Offshore Wind Farm, in 2016. Despite the enormous potential of the country, since the five-turbine pilot project, this sector continues to be an unexplored opportunity. However, this is about to change, since it is expected a boom in the country, in the next few years.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance - forecasts for offshore wind deployment in the United States

With this being one of the hot topics in the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference, Endiprev’s team selected the top five insights that you should know about the offshore wind sector in the United States.

1. Commercial offshore wind projects

The lack of large scale commercial offshore wind projects will be a reality until 2021. However, you may see installation works starting at the end of next year (2020).

2. EU vs USA asymmetry in the supply chain capacity

The five-year gap between the Block Island Offshore Wind Farm and the next large scale commercial project (which will most probably be the Vineyard Wind) means that there is a significant asymmetry in the capacity of the supply chain between the United States and European players. Despite what may seem, this gap can be a good starting point. Industry stakeholders have been gathering expertise in other geographies that may drive to leaner operations in the US projects.

3. Creation of a good offshore projects’ roadmap

The United States wind sector is trying to get the whole industry ready for the end of the federal incentives, such as the Production Tax Credits. For that, they are creating a good pipeline for the following 10/15 years of the offshore wind capacity build-up. These offshore wind projects will start on the East Coast, but eventually, they will be a nationwide cluster.

4. Floating offshore technology

Contrary to what happened with the fixed-bottom offshore technology, it seems the US will start full speed ahead with floating offshore projects. The west coast seems that will become the world leader in the sector. Several projects are being discussed for California that could provide a great potential value for the state.

5. 100% American workforce

At this moment, the country is lacking experienced wind professionals. This will be a difficult challenge to overcome. Nonetheless, we are already witnessing technical schools, training centers, OEM, Unions, and owners taking the first steps to meet industry standards and project labor agreements.

After this enlightenment regarding the offshore sector in the United States, provided by the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2019 Conference, Endiprev feels confident and ready to address the US offshore wind challenge in the years to come. We are prepared with local field technicians from the East, and with the accumulated experience from the last five years of offshore projects, in Europe and Asia.