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Commissioning: Adams-Danielson Wind Farms


The commissioning of the Adams and Danielson Wind Farms is Endiprev’s first project in the United States of America.

Endiprev performed the Adams and Danielson Wind Farms commissioning in the US.

Endiprev finished the commissioning of the Adams-Danielson Wind Farms in the United States of America, supporting the Alstom team. Located in Meeker County, Minnesota, each wind farm has 12 Alstom ECO 86 wind turbines, combining a global total of 40 MW of capacity. Since we were working on both projects simultaneously, our team performed the commissioning of the 24 wind turbines.

Additionally, the Adams and Danielson Wind Farms’ commissioning went very smoothly. Even with the demanding winter weather, our team was able to finish the project with zero Lost-Time Accidents.

This project was particularly memorable for Endiprev since it marked our first project in the USA. With only two years, to be part of the U.S. wind market is a huge step in our company growth and expansion.