Case Studies

Whitelee Wind Farm


ENDIPREV has been select to provide corrective and preventive maintenance services to the Whitelee windfarm.

Whitelee Windfarm on Eaglesham Moor, to the south of East Kilbride, is currently the UK's largest on-shore windfarm.

Endiprev cooperation and long-time presence in Whitelee is a wonderfully successful partnership between our company and an OEM.

In September 2010, GE (former Alstom) secured an order worth over €200 million from Scottish Power Renewables (SPR), a subsidiary of the Spanish energy group, Iberdrola Renovables, to build a 217 MW extension to the Whitelee wind farm in Scotland

Under the terms of the agreement, Alstom installed 75 turbines (sixty-nine ECO 100 (3MW) and six ECO 74 (1.67 MW).

This extension in Whitelee, adding to the 140 Siemens turbines, turned it into the UK’s largest onshore wind farm at that point in time. Located on Eaglesham Moor, just 20 minutes from central Glasgow, its 215 turbines generate up to 539 megawatts of electricity, enough to power just under 300,000 homes.

Endiprev’s know-how and expertise on commissioning, performed by skilled electrical technicians, was taken in high consideration by our customer in selecting our company for the commissioning starting in Q1 of 2012.


Success comes from know-how, expertise and great human relations and communication.

Annual output at Whitelee will be equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 homes and the project will also dispace the emission of 840,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Whitelee is the UK’s largest onshore windfarm, located on Eaglesham Moor just 20 minutes from central Glasgow. Its 215 turbines generate up to 539 megawatts of electricity, enough to power just under 300,000 homes*.

With more than 130 kilometres of trails to explore, on foot, by cycle or by horse, with free parking and free entry to our onsite Visitor Centre, Whitelee is a great destination for a day out with the whole family.

*298,837 homes per year based on the expected average capacity factor of 27% and an average annual domestic electricity usage of 4,266kWh

Whitelee Wind Farm is the largest on-shore wind farm in the United Kingdom (second in Europe to Fântânele-Cogealac, in Romania) with 215 Siemens and Alstom wind turbines and a total capacity of 539 megawatts (MW), with the average of 2.5 MW per turbine.[2] Whitelee was developed and is operated by ScottishPower Renewables,[3] which is part of the Spanish company Iberdrola.[4]