Inspection Services

Endiprev provides objective and professional assessments of your turbines at key milestones during wind project development and operations. Our experienced and comprehensively trained technicians are industry experts in all wind project inspection services, including:


Pre-warranty Expiration Inspection

Our experts professionally and impartially assess the condition of your turbines and identify defects prior to the end of the warranty period. This allows you and the OEM to take corrective action before repair costs come out of your pocket.


Generator and Power Transformer Inspection

We provide generator and power transformer inspections using our own predictive diagnosis product, which is capable of finding a wide range of faults in this machinery, such as:

  • Misalignment and unbalance
  • Insulation problems
  • Statorical and Rotorical Asymmetries
  • Broken Bars
  • Bearing Faults
  • Load mechanical problems


Blade Inspection

To maximize the working lifespan of wind blades and energy capture, Endiprev technicians perform inspections via blade access platforms, telescope, camera and crane.


Due Diligence Inspection

We inspect and verify equipment integrity and site conditions prior to project sale or financial transaction.


Customized Services for All Your Inspection Needs

We offer a wide range of inspection services for every phase of the development and operation of your wind projects. Our team works with you to customize a program that meets your specific inspection needs.

Our inspection services provide a third-party, objective and professional assessment of your turbines. Your best interests are our best interests and that’s the foundation of our business model.