Onshore Wind Energy

Need qualified, professional and experienced technicians?

Endiprev has the best operating teams to be on your turbines as soon as possible, making the difference as soon as we arrive!

Endiprev technicians have experience in the following manufacturers of wind turbines:
Alstom, Suzlon, Nordex and Gamesa

Operation & Maintenance
The lifetime of a wind farm is reflected by the quality of the implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance (both mechanical and electrical). Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to apply the best preventive maintenance measures. Let Endiprev apply all the quality of service in your wind farm, to achieve what we both want: your happiness!
Development Services
The Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of a wind turbine are the beginning of the most important step to the project developer. Endiprev’s technicians have an extended experience of commissioning procedures for several OEM and have great troubleshooting capabilities in all parts of the wind turbine. Our technicians do not raise the level, they are at the level you need.
Consulting Services
The need for specialized consultancy services requires impartiality of our technicians in the inspection of the different systems of a wind turbine. Whatever the problem you have, we own a capable team, with the primary objective of delivering a high quality report  and meet your needs.