About Us

At ENDIPREV we provide electrical engineering solutions that guarantee support for power generation and transformation. We deliver professional services that protect personnel, monitor the safety of equipment and ensure that energy production occurs efficiently. Our customers are drawn from several markets including renewable energies generation, manufacturing industries and utilities where we deliver high-quality, expert staff who help our customers achieve and sustain success in their mission.

Founded in 2009, ENDIPREV is a privately owned Portuguese company, dedicated to high-quality electrical engineering services and our success lies in bringing quality and innovation to our customers’ power systems in a timely and cost effective manner. Our professional services range from operation, maintenance and consultancy for electrical power systems, with particular specialization in wind power and industrial electrical machinery.

ENDIPREV is committed to making a difference in quality and competitiveness!

ENDIPREV services are divided in two major areas being these: electricity generation facilities operation and maintenance and electrical machines diagnosis.

In electricity generation, namely in wind farms, maintenance we cover the several stages of the projects, from mechanical assembly and electrical installation, followed by commissioning including test run, to several types of corrective and preventive maintenance plans as well as quality assurance consulting such as visual inspections or security audits.

In electrical machines diagnosis, ENDIPREV offers advanced non-invasive diagnosis technique for predicting and diagnosing malfunctions in operating three-phase induction motors, generators, power electronics, adjustable speed drives, as well as three-phase transformers. This diagnosis technique is our first developed product which has attracted lots of customers to trust us for their periodic check-ups.

ENDIPREV is pleased in having some of the biggest developers, investors and turbine manufacturers and clients in Portugal, as well as having the confidence of several international companies.

Born out of an innovative product, we are constantly focussed on innovation, as part of our company positioning. ENDIPREV is working on further and exciting developments.